Red map of public fundraising circles: Old fresh meat with tens of millions of fans trying hard to grab customers

Red map of public fundraising circles: “Old fresh meat” with tens of millions of fans trying hard to grab customers

Map of “Internet Red” in the public offering circle: With millions of “fans”, “Old Fresh Meat” struggling to grab customers, passive funds have become popular Half the Sky Zistang Author |Born empty.

  The so-called “Internet red fund” refers to a fund that attracts many fans. They are either “red” because of fund managers, “red” because of “management team”, or “red products”.

  These funds are either in Kyoto, Shanghai or Shanghai, or in Pengcheng City. Different companies, different products, and distinctively different fund managers form the “net red” map of the public offering circle in the middle of the year.

  Those with the most popularity over ten million Internet celebrities must first be popular, and the popularity can be glimpsed from the “number of holders” of the fund’s semi-annual report.

  Third-party statistics show that (apart from currency funds), the most popular funds previously had more than 15 million followers.

Moreover, half of its fans come from the past six months.

  In addition, the number of fans of the runner-up and third-run funds is over 8 million.

  More interestingly, the first and second runner-ups belong to the same product-the Gold Fund.

  But after 合肥夜网 ranking third, the fund’s number of fans has dropped significantly.

  The largest index fund occupies fourth place, but it has less than 3 million followers.

  The detailed data is as follows: Top ten non-cargo fund fans (data ends at 12 o’clock on August 29th) gold funds are “the most popular”. In particular, the Boshi Gold ETF Connected Fund is the public fund with the highest number of holders.The number of fund share holders exceeds 15 million.

  At the same time, the number of holders of the Boshi Gold ETF and Hua’an Yifu Gold ETF also increased, ranking second and third respectively.

E Fund’s gold ETF connection occupies the ninth place. Among the top ten holders of the fund with the highest number of gold ETF funds account for 4 seats, which is not bad.

  The popularity of gold funds may be related to its net worth performance.

  ▼ Photo: Boss Gold ETF Link A’s net worth performance chart in recent years (source, Tiantian Fund Network). This is not only related to the international trend that has changed a lot in recent years, but also to the excellent population base of gold in China.

  In terms of external trends, since the beginning of the year, the international trading environment has changed, social conditions have been complicated, and the growth caused by the volatility of stock markets in various countries has increased. In this case, the price of gold has reached a new high of nearly six years, which has greatly stimulated investors’ interest in gold funds.

  Correspondingly, the transfer speed of the holders of gold funds is also constantly accelerating.

  The largest Boshi Gold ETF linked fund, its C-type fund holders rose from more than 6.81 million households in mid-2018 to 15.19 million households in mid-2019, with an increase of more than 100%.

  Internet + Force Another impetus to promote the development of the “Internet Red” Fund-from the Internet.

  At present, the top three products of the holders are “very deeply bound” to the fund sales platform affiliated with the Internet giant.

  Through searching keywords on the search engine and multi-person mobile phone experiments, it was found that from the “Gold” category of the third-party fund sales platform ‘s wealth channel, the listed products mainly show Bossi ‘s gold ETF linking with Class C and Huaanyi.The rich gold ETF is connected to Class C.

  In addition, some are that Boss Gold Class I has a characteristic of sales channels.

  This type of off-market ownership is a share of Boshi Fund’s cooperation with a third-party fund sales platform that has been set up solely in this channel since 2014.

At the same time, the total is temporarily exempt from temporary purchase fees and redemption fees.

  Passive “red” has taken the initiative to look at the number of fund holders. After the three gold ETF funds, Tianhong CSI 300 Index Fund.

  With 2.7 million holders, this fund surpassed many active fund products managed by well-known fund managers, and took the first place in equity products.

  The number of its holders is close to the sum of the last two active equity product holders.

  However, it is quite special that the data of holders of Tianhong CSI 300 Index Fund in mid-2019 differed from that of mid-2018 by only about 500,000 households. However, there have been significant holders of active equity products in the following years.I wonder if the situation will reverse in the future.

  The attractiveness of “Old Fresh Meat” ceased at the end of June. The number of holders of several active fund product finalists in the top ten was between 1 and 1.5 million, a small difference.

  At the same time, from the fund establishment date, these funds have also been established for the expected time, the shortest E Fund consumer industry has also been established for more than 9 years, the extended Huaxia return is nearly 16 years.

But their heat has been quite different in the past year.

  The rising trend of the number of “fans” is accelerated by the emerging growth mix of the Great Wall managed by Liu Yanchun. The 2019 Interim Report holder data is five times that of the same period in 2018.

  This may be due to its potentially good results.

As of August 28, this year’s growth of more than 65%, and the growth of more than 50% in the past year, are numbers that can impact the eyes of investors.

  ▼ Attached picture: Invesco Great Wall’s emerging growth mixed net worth performance chart in recent years (source, Tiantian Fund Network) E Fund’s consumer industry stock fund income is also quite dazzling.

The fund’s position has been a leading consumer stock for a long time, which is in line with the trend of consumption in the past two years.

  Looking at the performance of the past three years, the return exceeded 109%, ranking second among similar funds.

You should know that this is a stock fund with less position adjustment space.  ▼ Photo: E Fund’s consumer industry equity fund performance chart in recent years (source, Tiantian Fund Network) Among them, the most “old” Chinese returns are quite special. As a 16-year fund, many fund managers have changedIts annualized return rate exceeds 18%. In 2007 and 2015, it has kept pace with the recent bull market and repeatedly hit new highs in net worth. It can be regarded as an “evergreen tree”.

  Interestingly, from the recent five-year interim report, the number of holders of the fund during the three years from 2015 to 2017 was quite stable, all of which changed over 200,000.

  However, the number of holders began to increase in 2018, with more than 800,000 holders in mid-2018 and more than 1.37 million in 2019.

  Therefore, some old Jimin said that these funds have been recommended in certain third-party fund sales platforms during the year, or they are also one of the factors that increase the number of holders.

  However, some facts are that, apart from the trend of prosperity, the number of households holding funds in these active equity fund products has decreased significantly.

  Too many “Internet celebrities” remind some of the crowded asset transactions as the Internet celebrity funds that have attracted much attention, and the views of their fund managers are worthy of attention.

Among them, several fund managers issued reminders that some asset transactions were crowded, and it is estimated that the initial bubble.

  Xiao Nan, a fund manager of E Fund’s consumer industry fund, believes that the market structure in the second half of the year will be more decentralized compared to the first half. The shift in the interest rate environment will be loose, and the hot spots in the market will replace the first half of the year.The underperforming sector will also perform better by taking advantage of fundamental data.

  Liu Yanchun of Invesco Great Wall Emerging Growth Fund reminded that equity investment is becoming difficult.

Market estimates have returned to the average in recent years.

The so-called “core assets” pricing generally contains more than optimistic growth expectations.

The biggest risk is the rapid convergence of market styles, the congestion of some asset transactions, and an initial bubble.

It is estimated that high enterprises will inevitably lead to a weak overall anti-risk capability of the market. Risk events will occur again in the second half of the year, and some industries may experience deviation adjustments.

  Therefore, he believes that the risk of centralized allocation in individual industries based on the industry’s prosperity is intensifying. From the bottom up, carefully selected, it is possible to properly avoid the risks.

  Cai Xiangyang, fund manager of Huaxia Return Fund, looks forward to the second half of the year and also believes that the fundamentals of the domestic economy still face some uncertainty.

However, he believes that China’s economy is deep and its ownership is sufficient. Consumption has played a significant role in driving the economy in the first half of the year. Tax and fee reduction measures have also gradually reflected the effect of policies from the second quarter. The short period of inventory also has certain support for the economyeffect.
  E Fund’s small and medium-cap fund manager Zhang Kun said that the market revised its pessimistic expectations at the end of last year in the first half of the year.

Looking ahead, corporate earnings growth will become a key factor driving stock performance.

  From a higher perspective, the gradual deceleration of the Chinese economy is difficult to avoid.

This is not necessarily bad news for investors in the stock market, but it is likely to be good news.

From overseas experience, after the growth rate of the industry declines, the stability of the industry structure will be stronger, the expectations of entrepreneurs and investors will be more rational, capital expenditure and competition will be more cautious, and the industry’s competition structure will gradually improve., The company’s profit margin and turnover rate have been improved, thereby improving the company’s return on net assets and free cash flow.

  Xingquan Trend Investment Fund’s Dong Chengfei and Qiao Qian also reminded to observe the Chinese government’s internal policies. Although some fine-tuning and hedging will be done in time according to external time, deleveraging should be a long-term and consistent work focus. This shifted from the April policy.And the subsequent level can be polished by breaking the incident.

This also means that we cannot make too high expectations for the future macro economy.

  After a wave of estimated repairs in the A-share market this year, although the estimated level of the entire market is not very expensive, it is impossible to underestimate it.

Therefore, it is also necessary to reduce the market’s investment return expectations in the second half of the year.

Due to external uncertainties, domestic investors have concentrated their positions on the core assets of the main internal demand, especially high-end consumption represented by liquor.

It is difficult to say in the short to medium term, but if there is no rise of the manufacturing and technology industries, it is doubtful whether these sectors can maintain the current boom.


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